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Robert Frost

After Apple-Picking

Fiction | Poem | Adult | Published in 1914

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Writing Prompts

1. How does Frost illustrate the theme of Anxiety and Worry in his poem “After Apple-Picking”? What poetic devices does he incorporate to establish this theme? In a brief piece of writing, discuss your choices. Select at least three poetic devices Frost uses and establish them in your introductory sentences. In supporting sentences, discuss each poetic device and why the poet may have chosen to employ those poetic devices in the poem. Cite from the text at least three times in your response.

2. In the 1939 essay “On the Figure a Poem Makes,” Robert Frost says that a poem “begins in delight and ends in wisdom.” In what way(s) does “After Apple-Picking” follow this pattern? Where do you see the delight, what is the poem’s ultimate wisdom, and how does the poet journey from the beginning to the end? 

3. Frost is not generally categorized as an experimental poet; however, there are elements of his poetry that break away from the more traditional elements of poetry. How does “After Apple-Picking” incorporate both traditional and experimental elements of poetry? Cite portions of the poem that support your ideas.