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Jason Reynolds

As Brave As You

Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 2016

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Answer Key

Chapters 1-4

Reading Check

1. Jamaica (Chapter 1)

2. Tess (Chapter 4)

Short Answer

1. He finds a toy fire truck that once belonged to his uncle Wood, who is now deceased. (Chapter 1)

2. Brooke forbade his son from telling the boys because he did not want them to have preconceived ideas about him. (Chapter 2)

3. He enjoys the way his grandfather lets him ask a lot of questions since other adults usually get irritated by this. (Chapter 3)

Chapters 5-8

Reading Check

1. Harmonica (Chapter 5)

2. Crab (Chapter 7)

Short Answer

1. Genie can smell alcohol and realizes that his grandfather has been drinking. (Chapter 5)

2. Genie’s father blames Brooke for convincing Wood to join the military instead of becoming a firefighter. (Chapter 6)

3. He was bitten by a cottonmouth (poisonous snake) because he could not see it while walking outside. (Chapter 8)

Chapters 9-11

Reading Check

1. Germs (Chapter 9)

2. Teeth (Chapter 10)

Short Answer

1. He uses the computer to look up answers to the questions in his notebook.