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Ray Bradbury

The Veldt

Fiction | Short Story | Adult | Published in 1950

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Exam Answer Key

Multiple Choice

1. A (Pages 1 and 9)

2. C (Page 3)

3. D (Page 4)

4. C (Page 5)

5. C (Page 5)

6. B (Page 7)

7. A (Page 8)

8. D (Page 10)

9. B (Page 10)

10. C (Page 11)

Long Answer

1. Bradbury has George reflect on these childhood stories to emphasize the innocence the children have lost. Whereas they used to conjure harmless frivolities, now they are imagining their parents’ deaths. (Various pages)

2. The story’s ending emphasizes how comfortable the children have become with the idea of killing their parents. Wendy’s casual question to Mr. McClean is juxtaposed with the gravity of the situation that occurred just moments before he arrived. It also suggests the ease with which she has taken over the role her mother once inhabited. (Various pages)